Reach More. Enroll More.

If the pandemic has made one thing clear-healthcare professionals are in high demand.

In fact, at every level, there is a growing need for healthcare workers, specifically pre-licensure and post-licensure graduates. You combine this high demand with growing unemployment and shrinking state funding, and you come face-to-face with a substantial near-term opportunity for your college. In other words, this is your moment to help meet market demand, grow your market share, and advance your mission.

Why is your Christian college poised for success?

Like you, we believe that nursing and health care is a calling and a ministry. The education that takes place in your college is simply better; your students are not just technically proficient, but also Christ-like in their approach to their vocation. The world needs this more than ever. In short, we believe there is a real opportunity for Christian colleges to grab meaningful market share. Recently our team surveyed 100 Christian universities, including many CCCU schools, and unfortunately many had no healthcare or nursing related programs or offered only the RN-BSN.

It’s time for Christian colleges to grow market share. Here are some ideas and opportunities:

1. Take advantage of your labs and make your campus a commuter campus open to both traditional and non-traditional students. The good news is that while unemployment is starting to fall there are 30+m unemployed Americans, many of them are considering a new career. Open up your programs to qualified non-traditional students who may have been displaced or laid off. There is a huge opportunity for residential/hybrid health-related programs offered daytime, evening and online. Our perspective is students want to stay closer to home, learn in a safe and non-political environment.

2. Offer Nursing Pre-Req’s such as Online and Hybrid including anatomy, physiology, chemistry, microbiology, abnormal psychology, human growth and development, and other courses, such as statistics and art appreciation as a stand-alone offering.

3. Embed Pre-Licensure Nursing programs with practical, income-producing certificates i.e., CNA, Phlebotomy and Medical Assisting so students can enter health care and earn income faster – it’s a great retention tool.

4. Here are some really interesting programs which offer high growth potential: Associate of Science in Pre-Nursing or an Associate of Health Science and Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN)

Whether you’re looking to relaunch, launch, or grow nursing related and healthcare-related programs, we are uniquely qualified to help expand your mission. Call us today and let us show you how we can produce highly targeted, qualified prospective students AND manage the entire recruitment process and support retention that increases graduation.

We believe in what you do. And we want to help. Let’s begin a conversation.

Greg Swinhart
Senior Vice President