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Need help reaching and connecting with prospective students? We got you covered. Through our highly targeted, channel neutral, integrated digital solutions, Education Connex will leverage the right channels at the right time to the right audience to meet YOUR strategic objectives.

And we’ll do it all within YOUR budget.

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Our 4-Step Approach is unique, simple, and ready to be adopted by your school.



STEP 1: Research

Discovering the “who and why” that drives your students to take action.

Understanding the “why” behind your student’s behavior and decisions is an integral part of growing enrollment specifically for the programs offered by your school. It is also what makes our approach so unique. Before launching any campaign, we research your student’s core motivators, create audience segments, and identify the best channels and messaging for each specific target audience. Only then can we optimize allocation, as well as channel and messaging to reach lead targets and efficiencies. To better understand your school, we leverage all available research provided by you. Additionally, we also research:

• Brand equity within market
• Available tactics to reach target audiences
• Cost per lead projections 
• Cost per start projections
Our customized research will answer the following: 

• Who is your target audience by program?
• Why is your program appealing to them?
• Where can you find your target audience?
• What message produces the best results?
• What is the measurement for success, Return On Marketing Investment (ROMI)?
• Which channels will produce the best results

 Step 2: Develop the right strategy for your university.

“Right tactics” at the “right time” to the “right audience” to meet strategic objectives.

Strategy is at the heart of effective marketing and enrollment. Our assessment findings and research will produce valuable insights for your university. Developing key enrollment strategies is often overlooked in favor of executing tactics. We develop research/data-driven marketing strategies that drive profitable and scalable revenue over the long term.

 We research and then apply the right tactics at the right time to the right audiences to meet strategic objectives. Analytics provide clarity on what is working and what is not working by allowing us to capture meaningful data and measure performance to optimize multi-channel digital campaigns.

 Our strategies and implementation of best practices consistently achieve the following marketing objectives for generating program specific inquiries:

 1. Improve On-page Conversion 

2. Measure and Optimize Organic Search Lead Generation 

3. Win in Mobile 

4. Maximize Paid Media Channel Performance 

5. Refine the Targeting Methodologies 

6. Optimize Media Mix 

7. Integrate Social Media 

8. Test into Re-marketing via Google Display and Facebook Ads 

9. Measure digital lift with traditional media

Step 3: Implement Strategy

Determining the right channels for your marketing efforts.

There are lots of channels in which a university can direct their marketing efforts. We can help you choose the right channels. We have core capability and deep knowledge in the following media channels:
Search Engine Optimization: Transform existing website traffic into leads  Convert more website traffic into additional leads without growing or increasing media spending. We’ve developed customizable tools and strategies that quickly increase lead generation on your most valuable leads: inbound traffic sources. No coding required. We typically increase your lead volume on your highest converting prospects across your website by as much as 20%
Mobile “Right Here! Right Now!” 

50-60% of edu searches are on mobile devices. That’s a startling and telling statistic. In 2015, Google introduced the concept of micro-moments. They put a name to a behavior that, thanks to mobile, is pervasive. What it means is simple: prospects expect an immediate answer in the moment they want to know, go, do, or buy. They demand immediate, useful and personalized information, and immediate  response. Let’s be clear; there is a big difference between being mobile- enabled and truly mobile-friendly. Is your institution ready? Is your strategy mobile-friendly and optimized? We create and execute mobile strategies that turn those micro-moments into spectacular experiences


Paid Search Branded, Affordable & Targeted

Our paid media optimization process centers on prudent, efficient and agile investment. We specialize in smarter keyword and placement strategies; emphasis on campaign structure; hands-on campaign research, management, analysis, optimization & testing; continual landing page testing and optimization; and aggressive integration of new media channels. You control your brand and your authority on branded search strings. Additionally, you prevent competitors from appearing on your search results, thus elevating your organic search.

Paid Social: Quality Content, Proper Budgeting, and Lots of Testing 

Social media has become a noisy space with lots of brands promoting content. We create content that keeps your customer’s attention—short, sweet, and to the point. Best of all, our content boosts your website presence to the specific audience you want to reach.


Display: Creating Enticing and Engaging Digital Display Ads That Get Results  By establishing clear goals and objectives, choosing the right tools, and building the right creative for the right audience, we build awareness and deliver ROI with both broad and contextual display marketing. In short, we do it all for you.
Pay-Per-Lead Vendor Management  We identify and manage reputable vendors to drive inquiry volume and provide time for higher performing channels to produce results. This allows you to quickly and affordably increase inquiries without expensive testing.

Step 4: Analyze Results

Your Success Is Our Success

The ultimate impact of our digital strategies is only realized when we produce positive enrollment results that make a meaningful impact on your university, including the following key performance indicators:
⦿ Decreased aggregate Cost-Per-Application
⦿ Increased Avg. Aggregate Monthly Enrollment

⦿ Improved channel performance transparency, enabling the university to measure leads/applications/enrollments by channel and vendor to facilitate for optimized marketing budget allocations

⦿ Track and measure marketing performance through to enrollments.

In other words, Your Success Is Our Success.

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