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Accelerate Revenue. Reach More & Retain More. We help you find, acquire, engage, and retain students across all channels

Enrollment Solutions for the Entire Student Lifecyle

We think of ourselves as your school’s trusted enrollment team, and partners in your school’s commitment to student success. We own your brand. Adopt your mission. Connect to prospects and students with your same passion. In other words, your success is our success. our cost-effective solutions increase contact and enrollment without increasing staff, offering you an incredible opportunity to grow your enrollment even faster.

Student Acquisition

Leveraging our digital marketing expertise we design and execute digital strategies that optimize the student journey, build your brand, raise awareness, generate leads, and increase enrollment at lower acquisition costs.

At Education Connex, we offer a three-step approach that allows us to seamlessly work within your school’s parameters, allowing us to connect with your prospects faster, easier, and better.


Results You Can Measure

Step 1: Bring the Right People

We train, source, develop and manage a highly skilled force of enrollment professionals to represent your brand like you would. USA based. Motivated. Personable. Exactly who you would want representing your brand.

Step 2: Our Platform

We leverage our expertise with our technology platform to drive enrollment and retention. It’s our predictive analytics that allows you to replicate your success. Leveraging our expertise, industry best practices, your data, and our proprietary technology, we can increase total enrollment in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.


Step 3: Process

We take your inquiries, submissions, and inbound calls (24-7), then provide an immediate, professional response that is frequent, persistent, and program specific. It’s everything an enrollment contact center should offer-customized solutions that truly support your prospective student’s journey.

Process + Solutions + Technology Platform = Better Student Experience and Higher Enrollment

Student Retention

Student retention begins with targeting the right prospect. We are very familiar with the Characteristics of Postsecondary Students (Risk Factors) identified by The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).  We capture those risk factors at the prospect phase and model those factors and create a preemptive, personalized strategy built around persistence. Our data driven solution provides analytics and the ability to model, segment, curate content, message and coach based on the specific risk factor or challenge of the student.

Deepen engagement at the point of contact and use the data to support the prospect through to application, through to graduation or if they drop we have deep insight into who they are and why they dropped. Our approach offers your university a competitive advantage for person-person engagement  throughout the student lifecycle. Few go to this level. It’s relational, personal and actionable. As we gain insight, real data, we gain a deeper understanding that informs persistence and retention to increase graduation.

Let us help you retain your students!

Growth & Expansion

Our unique growth and expansion solutions are customized and end-to-end. Strategies include technology and service that aligns with your business objectives. Are you looking to grow a B2B initiative or grow your nursing enrollment? We can help. Our team of professionals will help your university drive new revenue.

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