Reach More. Enroll More.

Have you ever wondered why 98% of your web traffic leaves your site without submitting the slightest bit of information— no form fill, no chat, no inbound call, nothing?

Well, we did.

In fact, in January 2020 we researched 50+ non-profit universities offering and advertising an online program or graduate program. Our goal was simple: survey their ability to capture organic traffic and overall, on-page conversion, which would then allow us to arrive at an “Inbound Quality Score.”

This Inbound Quality score would help us measure the opportunities and ability to capture current organic traffic. More than that, we have identified several opportunities for these schools to immediately grow organic inquiries and total enrollment for online and graduate programs.

Based on the opportunities we identified will believe the following results are possible:

  • An increase of 25% unpaid, high-intent organic inquiries monthly for graduate and online programs
  • Increased web traffic and expanded reach for ALL audience types
  • Higher Return On Marketing Investment

Why are these results possible? We’ve helped several universities produce similar results. Can we help you? We’re offering a 100% free evaluation. No obligation! Only upside! free. Isn’t it time you turn your web traffic into higher enrollment for your university?

If we can help you convert more leads, call us at 877-434-1828 or email Greg at We’re here to help your university succeed.