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Are you struggling with your return on ad spend and getting the lead volume and lead quality
you need to grow your online and graduate programs?

With the seismic shifts in the prospect’s journey, increased competition and a variety of potential
tools, marketers are planning their futures with greater uncertainty than ever before.

Successful marketers of today and tomorrow recognize that the space in between the beginning
(awareness) and the consideration set (desire) is critical, which make both direct response and
inbound marketing strategies vital. Unfortunately, just being in the game isn’t enough.
Universities need to excel at it, and the ones that do will have an overwhelming competitive

At Education Connex, we believe there are five things you need to consider when evaluating
your marketing spend and effectiveness. We like to call it the Art of Spending Wisely. Show me
a boss who doesn’t like that?

Evaluate Your Existing Digital Media Mix. When it comes to marketing growth, self-
awareness is everything. But, let’s be honest, when was the last time you took a good look at
your digital media mix? Are you overly invested in awareness media that is difficult to capture
and measure and monetize?

(And let’s be honest, if you’re not asking these questions you need to call us).
So, just what is a healthy digital media? We believe that 50% of your inquiries should be from
organic, inbound inquiries. Not getting that lead volume? Read on.
Consider how your CTA’s or your response devices are performing. Are you measuring and
tracking inbound calls and Live Chat for original source attribution? What CTA’s are performing
well and can you add other CTA’s?

We find universities are losing out on 25% of potential lead volume. 25%! Take care of that
alone and you will make significant progress in your marketing. We’re working with our clients in
all these areas, but, we believe the major opportunities are found by increasing web traffic & on-
page conversion to increase inquiries and applications. And speaking of your website. Do you
have optimized web pages? Are they missing Call Me Now (Mobile), Live Chat and a prominent
phone number? This will significantly increase inquiry volume for SEO & PPC. Remember,
small changes can make a big difference.

If you can capture it you can measure it. If you measure it, you can increase it.
Commit to Driving More Calls and Chats, Not Just Clicks. We’ll go on the record as saying
we all love that endorphin rush you get when you tally up your click numbers at the end of the
month. But, you and I both know, inbound calls are better than digital submissions. And, yes,
increased inbound calls + increased digital submissions are even better. Historically, the
measurement for media performance and the goal was the digital submission via the RFI
(Request for Information) form. However, the model shifted to creating more web traffic and
converting more on-page traffic with response devices, including inbound calls and live chat.

Prospects now demand that you “be there” in the moment and provide the information and
answers they are looking for regardless of when they call. Remember we can take inbound calls
or live chats 24/7; our team is US based and are experienced professional admissions

The benefits:
1. Inbound calls have greater intent and covert at a higher rate. Most people don’t enroll or
make a major purchase without speaking to a person.
2. Increased inquires
3. Prospects make immediate contact. Better conversations drive better conversions.
Prospects feel safer providing personal information in a direct conversation, and phone
interactions provide the ideal circumstance to gather the soft data that is often difficult to
get through other channels.
4. Unique approach that circumvents competition by speaking directly to prospects who are
lower down the funnel and are ready.
5. Phone interaction provides things that online channels do not, including the opportunity
to engage on a higher level and guide the interaction based on information like tone of
voice, reaction, verbal cues, and response time to build rapport and create a positive
and memorable customer experience
6. Integration of digital channels
And…most important, it increases enrollment. When you boost lead conversion rates and
enrollment productivity, everyone wins. You and the prospective student.
Speed to Lead/Immediate Response: Conversion rates are eight times higher within the first
five minutes of a prospect expressing interest. Disrupters such as Southern New Hampshire
University, deliver immediate, rapid response, eliminating competition completely. Prospects
expect lightning-fast response to their initial inquiry, so an immediate and professional response
is a minimum expectation. If you can’t respond immediately, call us.
Persistent follow up is equally critical. Most schools stop reaching out to prospects after the first
week. Ongoing, continued, and frequent nurturing that includes voice, print, email, and text is
mandatory. A high level of service culture and strategy are key differences.
Consider Paid Media Performance. While there is a role for limited outbound marketing,
primarily Pay-Per-Click and branded display, the following elements must be present in your
paid media to be successful:

  • Defining qualities must be your unique value proposition and message
  • Media must elevate unpaid organic and web traffic
  • Media selection is based on historically high Cost Per Enrollment performance and
    measurable return on marketing performance

Bottom line, EDU marketers must now rely on brand by creating quality content that pulls people
toward the university and establishes a relationship based on the student’s journey. A
relationship that genuinely answers the student’s most important question: “Why Buy?”
If performance is poor…

Consider New Partners: Tired of the same old OPM’s, enrollment services firms, or agencies
and their expensive solutions that don’t work along with their hyperbole? Call us. No hype, no
gimmicks. Sound strategy and affordable enrollment solutions.

Marketers you work hard generating leads, let us help you convert them and get the ROI you