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Sales or admissions cadence is the number of interactions you have with a prospect. Based on our semi-annual mystery shops, schools fail to reach out enough to prospects and most schools do not integrate their touches in a cohesive strategy that includes phone, voicemail, SMS, email, print and Facebook or Google retargeting. In today’s landscape multiple tools are needed to drive impressions or interactions that can be the difference maker.

We recommend the following within 21 business days from prospect inquiry 6/3/2/6/2/3:

6 Phone Calls – vary the times and days
3 Voicemails – vary the messages, times and days
2 SMS – Day 1 and Day 21
6 Emails – drop emails alternating days
2 Print Pieces – these don’t need to be expensive
3 Facebook or Google Retargeting

The objective is to stay positioned and “front-of-mind” with prospects as they consider multiple institutions.

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