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The world has gone mobile. Here are some interesting stats on mobile in 2015:
· 51% of emails were opened on a mobile device
· Mobile ad spending grew 3x faster than non-mobile
· Mobile surpassed desktop for paid search
· 100% of Facebook’s ad revenue growth was in mobile

Consumer behavior has changed; phones are both a computing and communication devices. According to Google, 70% of all mobile searches used “click to call” to contact a business and 61% of searchers say the phone call is the most important step in the search process.

Inbound calls “high intent” calls and generate more revenue. Is your institution ready? Is your strategy mobile friendly with short RFI’s and Click to Call easy to find? Is your team able to take inbound calls 24×7? If not, we can help you. The landscape of higher education enrollment is changing dramatically and mobile plays a major role in 2016.