Reach More. Enroll More.

Here are 6 Reasons

Are you considering changes to your marketing approach and trying to see which areas to invest? Optimize your inbound marketing increase Return On Enrollment Investment. Specifically, Inbound works for the reasons:
1. An increase or lift of 25% unpaid, high-intent FREE organic inquiries monthly for graduate and online programs
2. Increased web traffic and expanded reach for ALL audience types
3. Higher Return On Marketing Investment
4. Improves and elevates paid media performance
5. Reduced dependency on paid and lower performing media sources
6. An integrated, measurable and attributable content and inquiry generation model

The days of buying CPL leads are gone. Inquiry to enrollment rates have plummeted. Therefore education marketers must rely on brand by creating quality content that pulls people toward the university and establishes a relationship based on the student’s journey that answers the “Why Buy” question. Can we can help your university increase high quality, organic inquiries? Please let us know

Greg Swinhart is a Co-Founder of educationconnex and since 2008 has worked with university partners to grow total enrollment.