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No doubt that online learning has triggered a decisive change in the business model of colleges and universities. What’s next? According to Karen D. McKeown, formerly a Graduate Fellow in Health Policy at The Heritage Foundation and author of Can Online Learning Reproduce the Full College Experience online education is beginning to move beyond its original constituency of older, working, and other nontraditional students and is attracting traditional students who formerly would have attended brick-and-mortar colleges. Are you ready?

Here are some of the key factors for growing online programs:

1. Program
2. Cost of tuition
3. Time to completion
4. Transfer of credit
5. Brand

And…. student experience. We serve several online universities and colleges and too often the student experience is overlooked. Our point of view is student experience must be spectacular and personal from the point click all through enrollment for ALL student types. We are privileged to work with some of higher education’s most successful online universities, contact us today and learn how we can help.