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How should universities respond to their leads?

Inside Sales recently studied over 3 years of data and 15,000 web based leads and here are some interesting insights based on that study:

The goal of a response management system is to maximize results and minimize effort, so what is the best way to do that? First, generate quality inquiries. Second, respond immediately. BTW, based on our data, only 70% of leads come in through digital submissions, the balance are generated from inbound calls and live chat and other response devices. How to maximize effort? Make contact. Evaluate your data to consider the following based on the learner type. Traditional undergrads are different from working adults:

• Best days to make contact
• Best time to contact

Next respond immediately within 5 minutes. If your infrastructure will not enable you to respond, call us and we can help you contact, qualify and enroll more students. How many calls should you make? According to the data, most organizations give up too soon on inquiries, usually after the second attempt. In fact, most leads are not contacted. Always make 6 attempts.

Greg Swinhart
Senior Vice President