Reach More. Enroll More.

Increase quality inquiries by 30%

Massive Mobile Engagement is transforming enrollment marketing by driving more inbound phone calls. Inbound calls are better than digital submissions; they are high intent and seek immediate information and they convert better.

These 3 steps are the keys for executing a successful mobile enrollment marketing strategy:

1.   Provide the option for prospects the option to call on all landing pages and offers (program cut-sheets and Social Pages)
2.   Establish the capability to answer the phone immediately. If you can’t, talk to us. We can answer inbound calls 24X7.
3.   Accurately attribute inbound calls from mobile and non-mobile sources so you can measure ROI (enrollment) for each campaign

If you do not have these items in place, you are losing about 30% of actual inquiries and the data necessary to optimize the top performing channels that are producing enrollments.

Whether it’s helping your university with strategic marketing or inquiry conversion, we welcome the opportunity to help your university earn more revenue. Ultimately you will spend less on all the clutter and noise and earn more revenue from direct leads that convert from inbound phone calls.