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Happy New Year! With the seismic shifts in the prospect’s journey, increased completion and a variety of potential tools, marketers are planning for 2016 with greater uncertainty than ever before. Today, the customer journey is full is multi-directional wandering as they seek out information, but also as information is delivered to users unsolicited – all of which shapes their customer journey.

The result is a customer journey that is as straightforward to predict as the random flight patterns of butterflies. And predicting which branch, much-less which tree or forest, these butterflies will land on leaves today’s marketing organizations scratching their heads. In a day and time with more data collection than previously imaginable (BIG Data) – patterns in the mountains of data can be just as indiscernible as defining patterns in the flight of a group of butterflies.

Successful marketers of today and tomorrow are influencing the space in between the beginning (awareness) and the consideration set (desire). Random as nature – naturally random. Human nature, we are not that predictable. Therefore, both direct response and inbound marketing strategies are vital. We’re working with our clients on both, but generally we believe the major opportunities are increasing web traffic & on-page conversion to increase inquiries and applications.


Jared Johnson is Director of Media Strategy for educationconnex and works with university partners to grow total enrollment.