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Inbound marketing represents “new marketing” that relies on earning a prospect’s trust and interest instead of buying it. Organic inquiries convert higher as they build a relationship and create a better informed prospect and ambassador for the brand. Outbound represents “old marketing” with channels such as email blasts and Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) aggregators. Our POV is there is role for limited outbound marketing, primarily Pay-Per-Click and branded display, but the following elements must be present:
· Defining qualities must be message
· Must elevate unpaid organic
· Selection is based on historically high CPE performance and measurable

The days of buying CPL leads are gone. Inquiry to enrollment rates have plummeted. Therefore education marketers must rely on brand by creating quality content that pulls people toward the university and establishes a relationship based on the student’s journey that answers the “Why Buy” question. Can we can help your university increase high quality, organic inquiries? please let us know.