Reach More. Enroll More.

Is your school missing opportunities?
Unfortunately university marketing departments are missing opportunities for generating the most valuable lead: inbound calls. According to Google, inbound calls are high Intent calls in fact they convert 30%-35% higher than digital click to submit rates of 1% – 3% and most of these calls are on mobile devices. Driving conversion on a mobile device is different than on desktop since a mobile device is used both as a phone and a computer so many universities struggle to optimize mobile as they often copy and paste the desktop experience to the mobile device. This is a path to failure.
Many universities struggle to measure and attribute what is truly driving the phone calls or measuring true ROI from most marketing but especially mobile. Thus, they are using incorrect data to make marketing decisions and are not getting credit for their contribution to enrollment growth.
Here are some questions to consider:
1. Are you seeing and measuring the increase in mobile traffic?
2. Are you measuring the mobile call volume and the increases month over prior month?
3. Are you able to attribute the enrollments generated from mobile and mobile inbound calls?