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We Adapt to Evolving Student Paradigms Using A Data-Driven Strategies

If you’re like most universities, you are probably spending quite a bit of time figuring out how to maneuver more effectively in today’s changing marketing and advertising landscape. And one thing is for sure, the landscape has changed dramatically, especially as search has matured. We’re betting it’s a question that keeps you up at night. After all, the stakes are high, and your ability to compete depends on finding the right answer. You can’t afford mistakes.

Fortunately, the answer isn’t that far away. We think you’re staring at it right now.

Over the last five years, Education Connex has profitably managed millions of dollars of paid search. Like you, we are adapting to the changing times, which is why we continuously ask ourselves a version of your same question: how do we continue to add value and drive sustainable growth for our university partners in a hypercompetitive environment? How do we help them grow, adapt and change? Put another way, how can we help them get a good night sleep?

We’ll cut to the chase and tell you exactly how we do it. As a highly specialized performance agency, we focus on three areas (advantages) that help our university partners excel and thrive.

Advantage 1:  We Leverage Automation

Automation and machine learning are here to stay, leaving no institution immune to the need for advancing technologies. Thankfully, we’re finding ways to leverage automation so your team can focus more on strategic organizational objectives that drive enrollment. This allows you to free up more internal team time to focus your attention where you need it the most—at the 30,000-foot level. By assisting your move away from time-consuming manual operations, we’ve developed additional services that impact organizational success without depending on incremental media spend.

Advantage 2:  We Use Enhanced Measurement, Attribution and Data Management

University marketing and enrollment organizations are overburdened with data while starving for insight. It is also easy to rest on the comfortable, traditional KPIs when a more sophisticated pathway becomes challenging to navigate. That’s where we come in; we help by leveraging data-driven attribution, across all digital channels and properties. We help universities clarify and increase channel-based ROI to achieve business and enrollment objectives.

Advantage 3:  We Move Beyond Keyword Mining to Actionable Insight

Amidst the shifting landscape, we’ve expanded our roots as a performance agency. Investments in technology, processes and talent have yielded deeper insights that add value beyond just tactical execution. Our experience harnesses an understanding of consumer intent with the ability to dive even deeper into your data to gain insight into campaigns that better inform your overall marketing strategy, decision-making and investment strategy; thus driving growth.

You add these three advantages together, coupled with our personal and customized approach, and you have a value proposition that can help you deliver the results that will allow you to excel in today’s competitive market.

Whether you’re navigating the marketing and advertising landscape alone, or unhappy with the results (or service) you’re currently getting from your outside agency, we welcome the opportunity to show you how we can make your life a whole lot easier.

We’ll help you sleep better. That’s a promise.

Greg Swinhart