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Since 2008, Education Connex has helped non-profit universities grow enrollment, providing the tools and strategies that will lead to a positive return on marketing investment. We create and capture demand, then convert it into a spectacular student experience. Let us help your university bridge the gap between admissions and marketing!

Our student-focused solutions leverage our expertise, your data and your brand to acquire new students. Our people, processes, solutions, and technology platform produce better student experience and higher enrollment

Your Success Is Our Success.

Process + Solutions + Technology Platform = Better Student Experience and Higher Enrollment

The impact of our integrated digital marketing and conversion strategy produces results your university can count on.

Our strategic solutions can give you:

  • A unique position within higher education and online universities
  • An increase or lift of 25% in unpaid, high-intent organic inquiries
  • Increased web traffic, inquiries and expanded reach for ALL audience types and programs
  • Higher return on marketing investment
  • Improved paid media performance
  • Reduced dependency on paid and lower-performing media sources
  • Decreased aggregate cost-per-application & cost-per-enrollment
  • Increased average aggregate monthly enrollment
  • Improved channel performance transparency enabling the university to measure leads, applications and enrollments by channel and vendor for optimized marketing budget allocations
  • The ability to track and measure marketing performance through the lifecycle to enrollments