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Paying for leads? Is there a better lead generation model? Free leads. Too many institutions are focused on paid lead generation instead of capitalizing on the highest performing lead type – organic leads. As a marketer, you understand that speed and agility are paramount to success in today’s education landscape. They say business moves at the speed of light. And we all know news moves even faster. For marketing, public relations, and media organizations, waiting until tomorrow to answer calls, emails, or web chats may not be good enough. That’s why marketing universities partner with us to provide 24/7/365 live support via multi-channel medium of telephone, email, and chat.

We have the expertise and experience, data driven strategies to improve performance. Try our quick connect or quick contact solution. It’s affordable and immediate and best yet it increases organic inquiries so your dependence on paid media is reduced and most importantly it increases enrollment conversion! Every call, email, or chat is an opportunity. Let us help you maximize your direct response efforts.