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Universities have some of the most demanding customers in the world: students.

As digital natives, your students have access to the entire world’s information at their fingertips, instantly, when they want it and how they want it. In other words, their “always-on” expectations are set by the digital experiences they get every day. Overwhelmingly, these digital experiences are mobile. In today’s digital revolution, digital-first means mobile-first.

Mobile is the new battleground for your students, and it will be a battle won or lost by how well you give in to their demands.

Fortunately, we know what your students are demanding. Google calls them “Micro Moments,” or the idea that you must earn the customer’s consideration and action “moment-by-moment.” Your students are sending a loud and clear message to your university. They want your admissions team to:

#1: Be There

Available and ready, when and where they need you. In every Micro Moment.

#2: Be Useful

Useful means being relevant to the prospect’s needs in the moment, immediately providing the information and answers they’re looking for…not just what you want to tell them.

#3 Be Efficient

Mobile users want to know, go, and buy swiftly. Your mobile experience should be fast and simple with easy navigation and quick load times.

Mobile has changed everything. And clearly for the better.

One of the most positive effects of the new mobile disruption is the massive increase in inbound calls. Prospects now want to easily contact your university with a simple click of a button. In other words, they’re opting in for direct and immediate contact through a personal call with your contact center.

Yes, my friends, the phone is back, and real conversation has returned. Finally!

Paid search, mobile technologies, and phones have become the tools of choice for transforming digital marketing into enrollment. Why should this matter to you? Because winning in mobile can drive significant results and build a competitive edge for your school. Best of all, it’s easier and more efficient than other strategies. But winning in mobile also means you’re optimized for mobile search, and you can support the increased calls with an inbound call center.

This brings us back to our original question: “Are enrollment contact centers essential in a digital-first world?” The answer is a resounding yes.

Let’s dive into some interesting numbers:

  • Mobile channels drive 54% of all phone calls. (Invoca)
  • 45% of all calls are driven by mobile search, whereas only 9% are driven by desktop search. (Invoca)
  • Mobile phone call conversion rates are 4X higher than desktop. (Marchex)

The numbers are staggering, but not surprising. In this new era of digital marketing, enrollment prospects and students have become increasingly impatient. They now expect an instant response to everything. Prospects are now doing discovery on their phone, and instead of submitting their information the traditional way, they’re hitting “click-to-call” to speak with a human. While some schools are now investing in mobile search, they are unfortunately still under-investing in an enrollment contact center, instead choosing to remain with the old enrollment model. In today’s changing landscape, universities need to optimize for both— mobile and a contact center capable of inbound and outbound when the prospect is ready to speak.

Put it all together and the better enrollment leaders become at finding moments of truth, the better they’ll be at enhancing student experience, building loyalty, and generating referrals.

The digital revolution has launched a new era of engagement in every aspect of our lives. Never before has there been a more powerful influence on human behavior, and a bigger opportunity for your school.

The question is: are you ready?

If you need help, call us.

At Education Connex, we believe to capitalize enrollment, marketers need to optimize mobile search campaigns, while admissions departments need to be ready for the increase of inbound calls from Paid Search (guaranteed to put a smile on the faces of your admissions team).