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The first major ingredient for growth is that an institution must truly understand and value the non-traditional learner. A separate marketing strategy, admissions and student services team must be established.
These are perhaps the biggest key growth opportunities for universities and colleges, making up the most significant component of constituents in higher education.

According to a Clearing House report, there are over 31 million people who attended college, but did not complete their education. The segment decides to take their education further based on factors that are different from those that influence traditional undergraduates. These include being a role-model for their family, career advancement and increased earnings. They are worried about debt and school reputation.
While many universities struggle to grow their professional and working adult programs, many schools are growing and thriving. What are successful enrollment teams in such universities doing differently than those that are struggling?

Visit our resources and download our white paper entitled, Winning Enrollment Tactics for Growing Graduate and Non-Traditional Programs which discusses how enrollment winners are behaving and operating differently in the current landscape. Overall, these top enrollment teams have adapted by creating a new culture and leveraging strategies as well as tactics that are radically different from those that have been left behind. There is a specific combination of behavior and tactics that enrollment winners follow, to achieve outcomes that others do not. These factors set successful enrollment efforts apart.