Reach More. Enroll More.

Step up your enrollment efforts with this the last the series, 7 Keys to Increasing Enrollment Conversion. In addition to learning 7 Keys to Increasing Enrollment Conversion now you’ll discover:

• How to increase and capture more high quality inquiries without spending more money on marketing
• How to beat your competition with quality response
• When and how you should contact your leads
• How to significantly increase contact rates
• Increase contact and conversion rates with effective call sequencing
• Build out an ideal call strategy based on millions of lead records analyzed
• Leverage the most important factor for contacting and converting more prospective students

In this post we explore how being available and ready to speak with an inbound inquiry, regardless of time of day, is critical.

Key 7 – Be There At the Right Time

Be there when they call, chat live or inquire. Live answering. Always. Unavailable? Ditch the voicemail; when it comes to making meaningful connections, humans beat robots. Immediate, live answering in critical as mobile search and Click-To-Call accounts for approximately 50% of search traffic. By the way, at Education Connex we never clock out. Rest easy after hours. We answers calls, conduct live chats 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year so you don’t miss that opportunity to engage and tell your university’s story and share the life changing program you offer.