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Step up your enrollment efforts by visiting our blog over the next weeks as we share 7 Keys to Increasing Enrollment Conversion. In addition to learning 7 Keys to Increasing Enrollment Conversion now you’ll discover:

• How to increase and capture more high quality inquiries without spending more money on marketing
• How to beat your competition with quality response
• When and how you should contact your leads
• How to significantly increase contact rates
• Increase contact and conversion rates with effective call sequencing
• Build out an ideal call strategy based on millions of lead records analyzed
• Leverage the most important factor for contacting and converting more prospective students

In this post we explore the Right Prospective Student Experience.

Key 5 – The Right Prospective Student Experience

With the seismic shifts in the prospect’s journey, increased competition and a variety of potential tools, marketers are facing greater uncertainty than ever before. Today, the student journey is multi-directional wandering as they seek out information, but also as information is delivered to users unsolicited – all of which shapes their student journey. Once they come to your web site a single spectacular cohesive experience regardless of learner type is required and immediate response for all inquiries for all types of students.