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Step up your enrollment efforts by visiting our blog over the next 5 weeks as we share 7 Keys to Increasing Enrollment Conversion. In addition to learning 7 Keys to Increasing Enrollment Conversion now you’ll discover:

• How to increase and capture more high quality inquiries without spending more money on marketing
• How to beat your competition with quality response
• When and how you should contact your leads
• How to significantly increase contact rates
• Increase contact and conversion rates with effective call sequencing
• Build out an ideal call strategy based on millions of lead records analyzed
• Leverage the most important factor for contacting and converting more prospective students

In this post we explore the characteristics of great admissions people.

Enrollment begins and ends with people. And we know that your university’s greatest asset is your people. Getting the right people on the bus, is essential to getting the best results. What are the characteristics of great, highly effective admissions representatives? There are many, but they know the goal is contact and a conversation; they are relational. To learn more, check out our recent white paper, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Enrollment Advisors (Download Now) where we explore how successful enrollment advisors operate differently.

Competition is more intense than ever before. Speed, follow – up tactics, and professional persistence are critical factors in conversion. While many universities are struggling to grow their non-traditional and graduate programs, many schools are growing and thriving. What are successful enrollment teams doing differently? DOWNLOAD from our resources section our White Paper Winning Tactics for Growing Graduate & Non-Traditional Programs where we examine strategic factors, tactics and behaviors that separate the winners and runners up.