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Step up your enrollment efforts by visiting our blog over the next 6 weeks as we share 7 Keys to Increasing Enrollment Conversion. In addition to learning 7 Keys to Increasing Enrollment Conversion now you’ll discover:

• How to increase and capture more high quality inquiries without spending more money on marketing
• How to beat your competition with quality response
• When and how you should contact your leads
• How to significantly increase contact rates
• Increase contact and conversion rates with effective call sequencing
• Build out an ideal call strategy based on millions of lead records analyzed
• Leverage the most important factor for contacting and converting more prospective students

In this post we’ll explore the right response to inquiries. What is the best way to respond?

Immediate, professional and program specific. First responders win enrollments. Contact inquiries within 5 minutes and you’ll win 90% of the time. Can’t respond immediately to inquiries? Contact us. On behalf of some the most successful universities, we make immediate outbound calls. It is amazing how many schools will spend money on marketing and NOT call inquiries. Or they’ll call infrequently or at the wrong time.

Would you like to increase conversion by 10%? Try adding personalized email and print as part of a lead nurturing strategy during the peak enrollment period. Multiple, integrated strategic messaging provides “air cover” for your admissions team and fortifies their outbound call campaigns. Take a page from marketing and tie your phone and lead nurturing messaging to create a powerful follow up strategy.