Reach More. Enroll More.

Krista Bunskoek, blogging for Wishpond( offers fascinating insights on generating high quality inquiries. When applied to a university’s web site, these marketing campaigns will increase traffic and drive conversions by gaining trust and by sharing your knowledge with them. We take these concepts and best practices and offer 6 simple strategies that can help a university grow inquiries.

1. Offer an Online Course Demo: Generate leads by letting a prospective student take a personalized inside look at what it’s really like to take a class online. Have them sign up, and keep in touch with your better informed leads.

2. Make a Newsletter Sign Up: Keep in touch with your new leads by offering them a regular, free newsletter update. Make it interesting and relevant and tie it to your content strategy.

3. Make Free Guides: Want to educate your market and be seen as the helpful knowledgeable leader? Write a number of free guides related to your audience such as Free Guide to Choosing a University or The 10 Things You Need to Consider Before You Choose a University. Offer these on your website through an email-gated landing page or a Download Now CTA.

4. Offer Ebooks: Take the relevant free guides and roll them up into a single eBook and available for download.

5. Give Free Weekly Tips: Show that you are the university that knows about education and the needs of students. Offer weekly tips and offer quotes and your perspective related the student journey.

6. Write Whitepapers: You have subject expertise in the courses and programs that your university offers. Develop whitepapers that position your university as the true thought leaders in the subject area.

Provide your prospects with content and value and inquiries will increase. Since 2008 we have helped non-profit universities increase total enrollment through strategic marketing and conversion support. Please call us today at 877-434-1828 to discuss how we can help you increase inquiries and enrollment or email me at

Greg Swinhart
Senior Vice President