Reach More. Enroll More.

Since 2008 we have helped non-profit universities grow total enrollment through strategic marketing and conversion solutions and we have identified six key factors that improve contact rate and conversion:
1. Immediate response: Dial prospects within 5 minutes of response and you will win 90% of the time. First-to-Contact usually wins.
2. Integrate and vary the channel: Include phone, email & print
3. Persist: Make a minimum of 6 outbound calls during peak enrollment and you will persist longer than 75% of your competition
4. Frequency: Adjust the frequency of dials, voicemails, emails & print
5. Use multiple Calls-To-Action: Admissions can steal a page from marketing by using multiple CTA’s. Offer individual, webinars and open house meetings.
6. Use response devices to increase inquiries; digital submissions, live chat and inbound calls.

These basic steps will help you grow total enrollment. Whether it’s helping your university with strategic marketing or inquiry conversion, we welcome the opportunity to help your university earn more revenue.