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CONTACT US: 877-434-1828

Accelerate your enrollment growth with immediate contact. Our strategy utilizes our expertise, talented and trained US agents and your academic programs. Our technology is a predictive, and prescriptive analytics engine with prescriptive prioritization based on likelihood to contact and predictive opportunity scoring based upon likelihood to qualify and to close

Our cost effective, intelligent approach will differentiate your institution from the competition immediately and grow student conversion. We execute prompt, professional response and frequent contact attempts to maximize conversion and establish a one-to-one connection by turning your leads into inbound appointments and eventually students.  These services can be used as either an integrated or stand-alone solution:

  • Prospect Conversion: Contact, qualify & transfer
  • Appointment setting
  • Application generation and completion
  • Live Chat 24×7
  • Inbound Calls 24×7
  • Analytics & Reporting

Our capabilities include

  • Speed to contact – immediate response to inquiries
  • Frequent outbound calls during peak enrollment periods
  • Lead Verification
  • Lead Qualification & Live Transfer
  • Appointment Setting
  • Application Generation
  • Data Hygiene & Lead Capture
  • End-to-End Corporate Outreach & Engagement Strategy

We can help you grow in the following areas

  • Total Student Enrollment
  • Increase inquiry contact
  • Increase inquiries
  • Increase applications
  • Enhance lead capture
  • Accurate lead attribution

Our Enrollment Conversion Advantage will enable your university to realize more revenue and replace with Contact, Qualify, Interview and Apply

  • Faster and more responses to inquiries
  • Collaborative and customized solutions focused on conversion
  • Increase Enrollment without increasing staff
  • Increased contact and increased productivity
  • No upfront investment
  • Creative integrated lead management strategy to further “lift” conversion
  • Simple to launch
  • Immediate impact
  • Affordable, Cost – Per – Lead Model
  • USA Based
  • Increased staff efficiency